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Webarchiválás bibliográfia – részletes lista – OSZK Webarchívum

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IFLA -- International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions Dátum Kivonat Due to the dynamic nature of the web, its explosive growth, short lifespan, instability and similar characteristics, the importance of its archiving has become priceless for future generations.

The National and University Library in Zagreb Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u Zagrebu, NSKas a memory institution responsible for collecting, cataloguing, archiving and providing access to all types of resources, recognized the significance of collecting and storing online content as part of the NSK's core activities.

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This is supported by positive legal environment since when Croatia passed the Law on libraries which subjected online publications to legal deposit. From to only selective archiving of web resources was conducted according to preestablished selection criteria.

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Since then national domain harvestings have been conducted annually. In addition, in NSK started to run thematic harvestings of national importance.

Also, the harvested data from to will be analysed. The findings will illustrate the variability of URLs, frequency of harvesting and types of content. The data from the last four.

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