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The calibration of the drivers and LED modules ensures that in the range between K and K, high colour consistency and a constant lumen output at any colour temperature can be achieved. The advantages of tunableWhite are the composition possibilities of different light colours and light intensities.

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Light in patient rooms and examination rooms can mimic the natural progression of light throughout the day and supports well-being, bodily processes, and concentration. It is easy and convenient to switch between one of the two asymmetrical beams of secondary circadia anti aging termékek colours, blue or green.

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In the otherwise darkened room, the medical personnel are supported and patients can be treated safely. Wide beam, asymmetric, and glare-free light meets important requirements for carrying out demanding tasks in cleanrooms.

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Technicians gain valuable time, while intelligent, easy installation saves money. The luminaire body and the frameless glass cover are resistant to cleaning and disinfection agents.

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Maintenance outside the cleanroom Access via the rear of the luminaire is particularly useful when it comes to maintenance in cleanrooms. Even as a recessed lumianire - with top mounting - sterile maintenance is guaranteed.

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The frameless luminaire is easy to clean and the room does not need to be entered again after first instilation. The Light Engine can therefore be replaced outside the cleanroom.

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