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Leírás A termék részletei Hozzávalók Címkék Értékelések Leírás The products target all skin types, including the sensitive ones.

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Farmec inovation: The first line of products with the Gatuline Clay complex, a unique natural anti-wrinkle, with instant lift effect. Effect instant lift without scalpel. Anti aging lifting cream tested.

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It is an innovative fluid gel, specially created for the intensive treatment of the face and especially of the areas more exposed to the process of aging and wrinkling area around eyes, lips and forehead.

The extract of Gatuline Expression, associated with Clay gives the serum unique anti-wrinkle properties.

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The decrispant effect is instantaneous and the wrinkle reduction is visible after only one day of application. The skin's microrelief is improved after only 10 days of using the serum. It is an innovative fluid gel, specially formulated for intense face treatment and especially for areas more exposed to aging and wrinkling.

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The Gatuline Expression extract associated with Clay gives the serum unique antirid properties. Hyaluronic acid preserves the degree of hydration of the skin and helps to wrinkle. Vitamin E milicapsules prevent oxidative aggression at the cellular level and the destructive action of UV radiation.

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The Hyaluronic Acid maintains the proper hydration of skin and prevents the occurrence of wrinkles. The microcapsules with E vitamin prevent the oxidative aggression at cellular level and the destructive action of the UV radiations. Apply daily, every evening, after cleansing the skin, before the ultra-active lift cream.

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