Genesis anti aging

genesis anti aging

At RevitalMed we take seriously the goal that every guest be satisfied with the results achieved.

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The status of your skin will be documented before and after the treatment. If there is no change after an appropriate time has elapsed, a new, possibly different treatment will be performed isana hydro booster szemkörnyékápoló of charge until the desired target is reached.

Generally, you can go to work the next day without any trace of treatment.

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After certain needle treatments, you may not necessarily be ready for a date on the same day; you may have a mild skin rash and swelling, which can be hidden with make-up immediately.

After the treatments, sunshine should be avoided for a period of 2 to 3 days.

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If you genesis anti aging puzzled, sign up for a free medical consultation. The purpose of this conversation is to choose the treatment most suitable for your skin type, purpose and daily lifestyle.

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We will inform you which treatment has what benefits to offer, what can be achieved with them and which one can be recommended for the given problem and why. In person, it is much easier for us to compile possible versions, packages and customized protocols tailored to your skin and needs.

However, some of our procedures have a smaller, immediate effect in addition to collagen encouragement.

Kap egy csomagot banderolku otthon! A nők a vágy, hogy vizsgálja meg a fiatal és szép bármely életkorban több mint érthető. Azonban a törekvés a szépség gyakran költség egy szép penny. Azt talán nem értette ezt a témát, ha nem a barátom és az ő szenvedélye különböző csodaszer a ráncok ellen és biológiai megoldások amerikai cég termékeit.

As no foreign substance will be ingested into your skin, we will have to wait a bit for the full beautiful, even and natural result. We consider it important. As this concerns the beauty of your skin, treatments should be performed only by experts.

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Before treatment, an accurate health genesis anti aging and the exclusion of risks are our top priority; during treatment, adequate anatomical knowledge is required of nerves, blood vessels, skin thickness and more. After treatment, appropriate after-care is necessary, so you need the best advice.

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Our trained practitioners are equipped with several aesthetic courses, focusing on maximal safety and effectiveness.