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This incredible combination is ideal for tired legs problems. It comes in two parts: from waist to knee and knee to ankle.

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Low temperature treatments have been used for years in certain exclusive beauty parlors, now thanks to Fresal the efficacy of such treatments is combined first with variable compression stockings that promote a fully the action of cosmetics.

On the one hand the low temperature facilitates elimiancion of accumulated under the skin to produce a marked coolness, which facilitates toxins peripheral microcirculation; by another increase compression stockings on the lower part, the mobilized toxins are draining. It is a weight reducer, prevents your body from producing fat and potentiates the metabolism of carbohydrates by ingesting chromium.

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It is also draining and depurative. The product is ideal for both men and women who want to lose weight and reduce measures It is indicated to lose from three to five in approximately 2 months.

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It has no restrictions on hypertension and other cardiac pathologies, since it does not have the negative side effects of caffeine. Way of Use: This product, you can take it cold or hot, it is taken in a dose of 20 ml. It can be mixed with a little water.

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