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Nevertheless, experts say, the pregnancy rate among women over 35 has nearly doubled. K§ But, of course, it is easier for wealthy people as certain medical treatments are terribly expensive. Women at this age are almost three times as likely to develop A mikrodermabrázió jó az öregedés ellen during pregnancy than moms in their 20s.

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Your task is to w rite the letter of the co rre ct an sw er next to the statem en ts. First, you will have so m e tim e to study the task, and th en w e will play the record ing.

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T h enafter a short pause, listen to the record in g again. At the end, you will have som e m ore tim e to ch eck your answ ers. IS Parents should offer their children a choice of breakfast cereals. WM Eating while going to school is very unhealthy. WOk There are places in Australia where kids go to school without breakfast every day. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal for schoolkids.

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There is no joy except in human rela­ tionships. Antoine de Saint-Exupery All the phrases below are in co n n ectio n w ith hum an relationships.

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Put the words in th e colum n w ith w hich we asso ciate the phrase the m ost. T h ere are phrases that fit m ore th an one p lace though. Who are the people around you and how do you get on with them? I B i W hat are the advantages and disadvantages of different generations living together? Does it exist in Hungary?

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IB W hat do parents and children argue about? ESI Are parents too permissive nowadays? H I Why do parents treat boys and girls differently?

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Do you agree? Why not? PEI Single-sex schools are old-fashioned. Men keep their friends longer than women.

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Where did you meet? Why do you get on well? W hat have you got in common? How do you keep in touch? EOS How often do you see your friends and what do you do together? What about? How do you solve your problems? S 3 W hat is better: to have one close friend or several other friends? S I We are engaged in m any different relationships.

I get on well with my parents, especially my mom, who is very understanding, but I often have rows with my twin brother. He is too bossy and aggressive. It barks all the time. Luckily, the other neighbour is a nice old lady, who likes gossiping and makes delicious cakes every weekend.

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But the most important person for me is my girlfriend. She is the most beautiful girl in the world, I love her so much. Nobody understands me! My parents always tili anti aging led mask reviews the way I look, the way I dress and they do not like any of my friends.

My classmates are either big-headed, rude boys or eager beaver, silly, giggling girls. At school I am absolutely lonely and desperate. I have a few friends, but they go to different schools or work and we can only meet at the weekends. I can communicate easily with almost anybody. I am said to be a good listener. It takes me ages to start talking. I am quite reserved and introverted, unfortunately.