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Marianna D. The need to insert these poems into established categories such as the erotic or the pornographic, speaks more to the critic's inability to deal with the sexual aspect as it approaches the borders of the poetic than it contributes to any reading of the poems.

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These poems themselves carry a history of academic modesty and prudery that has resulted in their absence from certain editions of Janus' poems. In fact, the Teleki edition, widely acknowledged for its accuracy, includes the erotic epigrams but encodes the obscene words of certain poems, apparently duplicating the way they appear in the Codex Hungarian Studies 8 1 Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest 6 4 LAURA M.

In the case of "De Lucia"even the name of his mistress, Lucia, is coded. Oddly, other poems which contain material that could be viewed as explicit, are not necessarily coded.

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The move to dismiss these epigrams because the perceived subject disrupts our notions of how eroticism can enter the realm of the poetic as well as carefully preserved assumptions about the moral and religious character of the author, ignores the possibility that these poems are disruptive in themselves.

The poetic body that emerges is one that reaches grotesque proportions and as it expands and swallows it becomes a highly erotic body.


Such a body challenges and disrupts normatized patterns which formulate erotic exchanges between wellunderstood and conventional sexual modes.

This emerging grotesque body constantly expands, and through its size and mutability challenges the limits of sexuality. The use of obscenity with regard to a body such as this does not suggest a reduction, or a narrowly defined notion of the specificity of the male or female body as it is articulated through the sexual act.

Such a limited understanding of obscenity would only serve to curtail the functions of the body, reducing and dismissing the potential for rupture and critique.

The obscene addresses the possibility of an ambivalent sexuality, one that is not bound and articulated through a polarized sexual act modeled on economic and cultural propriety. The body loses the restrictions that define sexuality as a medium for exchange by means of the positioning of male-female sexual borders which in turn bespeak corresponding power structures.

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What takes place is not an erasure of gender, but a re-figuration wherein the body as it enters erotic landscapes and situations also participates in the breaking apart of the borders that contain and codify sex as an act marked and defined by familial and tolerated systems.

Rather, they have been anti aging binaurális because they constitute a group of poems that attempt to situate eroticism by displacing and removing the restriction of a heavily structured sexuality based upon the economic and regularized exchange of sexuality over clearly defined societal borders. These poems place sexuality within the growing and changing body that constantly makes itself ambiguous by altering and extending its own borders.

This grotesque body becomes the medium and means for a break-down of the elements that formulate the binary exchange implicit in normatized sexual behaviors.

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The oppositional nature of sexual relations is dissolved and a double body capable of articulating itself through a non-polar eroticism emerges. Such an erotic schema does not coincide with the well-ordered cultural categories of male and female.

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The obscenity of this eroticism does not lie within a notion of impropriety, as the body does not operate as a proper space. Rather, obscenity stems from the shift that takes place when the body becomes disengaged from the standardized practices of sexuality.

The problematic category of the grotesque has certainly been approached by scholars other than M. Bakhtin outside of what might be considered erotic or pornographic literature and art. Flögel in Geschichte des Grotesk-Komischen 13 and Geschichte des Burlesken 14 discusses the combination of high and low that specifically characterize the burlesque.

The elements of culture usually considered high because they form an index of seriousness and acceptability are re-positioned so that they no longer occupy their recognized positions.

Virgatosphinctes sp.

Tragedy also operates as an element of the high culture that burlesque attacks through grotesque and exaggerated gestures which result in disruptive laughter. In this case, the body also becomes the focus for the grotesque because it is the ground for opposition and parody.

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The comic actor wears absurd shoes and exaggerated clothing highlighted by an immense phallus, as opposed to the tragic actor whose clothing is much less indicative of the body's significatory power. Thus the grotesque consists of an exaggeration and twisting of normatized and well-known conventions. Wolfgang Kayser also develops this notion of the grotesque as a complex interchange between culturally defined oppositions.

In his analysis, the effect of the grotesque is to produce a moment when the distinctions between a series of well-defined categories are blurred.

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In this blurring the grotesque has the ability to mean more, to produce a separate set of circumstances that allow for a critique, or at least a different blattes suisse anti aging, of that culture. DOLBY the grotesque is their lack of focus upon the body as a locus for abjection and disgust.

The grotesque does not retain a series of prefigured concepts which organize the body as a repository for the complex systems of sin and filth. Rather, it provides the possibility for an examination of the demise of established assumptions concerning a variety of well-understood cultural frames and borders.

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  • As long ago as the year a plan was scheduled, in official form, to compile th e bibliographical d a ta of the H ungarian num ism atic literature in such a way th a t this m aterial should supplem ent the publication ,A Kzp-Dunam edence rgszeti bibliogrfija a legrgibb idktl a X I.
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Among these assumptions are those concerning the functions of the body that contribute to the development of eroticism. This is not to suggest that the erotic and grotesque function without certain obvious and multi-layered predispositions that are relevant whenever these terms enter into play. However, a discussion of the erotic as ránc kollagén krém a bőr háza develops through the invention of the grotesque body will contribute to a reading that does not fall victim to the impulse to polarize and attribute sexuality to an overdetermined schema that situates the cultural figures of male and female within available and strategic topoi.

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The grotesque can produce a critical moment where a highly erotic body contributes to the breaking down of the apparati which organize the cultural force of sexuality.

Teleki 55, "Quaestio Ardua et Difficilis", is not an erotic poem in any conventional sense. It does not detail, describe, invite, or deny any sexual act. Instead, the poem provides the very basis for sexual differentiation by means of a re-consideration of the Platonic myth of the circle men blattes suisse anti aging Aristophanes undertakes in the Symposium.


This particular Platonic "myth" was also of great importance to the neo-platonic tradition which placed emphasis on certain blattes suisse anti aging which could simultaneously conceal and reveal. In short, the myth describes mankind's origins as a grotesque and blattes suisse anti aging creature, their unsuccessful attack on the gods, and the ensuing creation of the two genders, which introduced desire itself to the human race.

That is, desire is founded upon the dynamic of presence and absence as it is incarnated through the protuberance and convexity of genitalia.

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The interest is not focused upon the body as a separate, individuated entity, but instead upon how the body exists and desires through its ability to become a new double-body. The genitalia serve as the points of intersection and combination for this newly constructed grotesque body. Sexuality is thus prefaced by a cutting that necessitates the re-combination that sex regulates and guarantees.

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Union is always re-union and an attempt to deny the cutting that defined gender and difference. No word, with the exception of the repeated "inde" appears precisely in the same case. The two verbs, "requirit" in the penultimate line and "petit" in the final az anti aging bőrápoló termékekből, are the only two words that do not find their rhetorical and poetic partner within the arrangement of the lines.

The "partem semper" of the earlier line corresponds to the "semper pars" of the last line, as does the "locus ille" and the "ilia locum" of their respective lines.

This series of polyptotons use of the same word in different cases or tenses in turn forms a chiasmatic arrangement such that each set of terms has a corresponding yet different "mate" in the following lines.

These last lines form the poetic and textual equivalent of the "requiret" and the "petit" of the body that the poem maps. That is, desire blattes suisse anti aging an element of the text and is constructed at the level of the rhetorical scheme of the epigram.

The lines are composed of identical words with different case endings arranged in a chiasmatic pattern that initiates a series of protuberances met with corresponding convexities.

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The motion of the double body as it formulates its own ambiguity also produces a textual level of ambiguity as words are changed and exchanged across the borders of the poetic and metrical line. The words in these patterns are essentially the same, yet they blattes suisse anti aging appear in different cases at different places in the text and thus linguistically indicate different things.

They are the textual equivalent of the foundation for desire which serves as a focus for the epigram. Thus a relationship is created between the rhetorical level of the text and the emerging concept of the double body. In addition to the possible implications of the rhetorical bodies that circulate in the text and their potential relationship to the emerging double body, the distinctions that indicate gender differences within language also articulate a special relationship to sexual ambiguity and exchange.

The last two lines of the epigram which form a chiasmatic twinning, also delineate by means of grammatical cases and verbally constructed gender, a shifting that occurs when sexual difference defines sexual need.

The feminine "suam partem" of the penultimate line becomes the grammatical object of the masculine subject "locus ille" which appears in that same line. Strangely, the subject of the phrase could be translated as "that place" and the object as "its part" thereby allowing a word with a feminine gender to signify the male sex organ.

Furthermore, the word attached to this feminine gender forms the active subject of the phrase. In the final line, "pars DOLBY masculine object, the vagina. The use of language that confronts assumptions about gender by linguistically "feminizing" or "masculinizing" genitalia with the conventionally opposite gender, places the very notion of gender in a peculiar state of crisis.