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After the second World War a mixed education was introduced, adding the training of skilled workmanship next to the real school.

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The current general gymnasial profile — aiming to achieve scientific excellence — was gradually built up starting from At the moment six different departments are operated: Mathematics-Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, General Studies with increased English or Spanish classesHumanities and a talent care division focusing on students with underprivileged backgrounds.

The students achieve the best results in Mathematics and Sciences.

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The average grades of the final examinations and the number of students accepted to universities both mark efficiency of the education and talent care. During the preparation the students can learn confidence, persistency, self-knowledge and cooperation next to the professional knowledge.

The associates also help with the preparations and executions of international competitions, in addition they play a key role in the national biological talent care. Originally it was a minor elementary school, however it launched its gymnasial classes in which quickly helped to raise its ranks amongst the other high schools of the town. Besides the general gymnasial educational structure, the school also emphasizes language and IT Information Technology studies along with natural science.

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It is an absolute advantage that the students can carry out their studies in one institute — the biobank suisse anti aging care and education starting from early age until their final examination. This counts as a unique feature in Hungary and it helps to maintain a smooth cooperation between the elementary and high school educators, helping out the long-term correction and design of the training plan. The students have proven themselves at several competitions and perform well on their final examinations — marking the good student-teacher collaboration.

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In addition, a botanical garden is being built which will be a green spot in the neighborhood. The József Gyulai Scientific Workshop József Gyulai Laboratory was established inoffering quality training with modern equipment.

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All the neighboring elementary students can use the laboratory under the supervision of its trained attendants.