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Leírás Give yourself a natural, youthful boost with Facetory! Facetory is an anti-aging beautification face fitness app that helps you sculpt the perfect visage using specially tailored facial yoga techniques.

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We use the front camera and scan your face. Our technology recognizes your facial movements and through voice gives gentle corrections that help you do exercises efficiently and safely and get better results. Skin Care Diary lets you monitor your skin condition.

Your skin changes day by day, so keeping close track of your progress can help you better care for it. Facetory engages key muscles with face exercises so that you can unlock the wellness within to look more serene than beautiful than ever before.

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Choose from: - Anti-aging — target and eliminate the signs of aging and replace them with a younger, fresher you. Facetory will help you to perform and manage your face exercise. Download and enjoy face workout every day!

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And it should never be substituted for a treatment plan by your doctor or ingyenes anti aging. If you are experiencing any medical skin conditions or have concerns, please consult your healthcare provider before commencing any program.

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