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anti aging moisturizer with spf for oily skin

Dermatologically tested This milk is an excellent way to protect the skin against the harmful effects of solar radiation: premature aging, excessive dehydration, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and can be successfully used for the prevention of sun intolerances, photodermatoses etc.

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The texture is light and silky, non-greasy, water resistant. Active ingredients Physavie®, a plant component that is extracted from a tropical plant called Physalis angulata, with significant protection properties for the sun-exposed skin.

In addition to its high performance sunscreens, the formula associates the natural INCA Omega certified organic oil rich in omega essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. Products with sun protection factor SPF are chosen based on the type of skin.

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Apply the product evenly on the dry and clean skin, prior to sun exposure. Avoid eye contact.

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Reapply frequently especially after showering, sweating, swimming and wiping with a towel even if the time is cloudy. Do not expose nurslings and infants to sunlight. Avoid sun exposure between 11 a.

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Do not stay very long in the sun even if you are using a solar protection product; overexposure is a serious threat to the health. Use clothing protection hat, sunglasses, T-shirt.

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Caution: reducing the quantity will lower the level of protection significantly. In this case, the indication of the validity date on the packaging is not mandatory.

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These products are accompanied by an indication of the duration of use after opening, for which the product is safe and can be used without having harmful effects on the consumer.