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The author of these texts, during his More This book will you enable that besides natural beauty, attractive hotels and restaurants, besides tasting the local cuisine and drinks, and learn something about the history and art of some European destinations.

The author of these texts, during his journeys, leading a cultural inner dialogue with many greats from the past, whose works celebrated the preceding period, while their previous residence left to take on ponte dei salti suisse anti aging spiritual map of the regions or cities.

Copyright Zoran Slavić 4 Before you start to read these travels At the beginning it should be said that I do not travel just for pleasure which brings return filled with memories, nor extend the unknown cities and regions merely because of everyday sensations experienced in these destinations: images, sights, smell, meetings, facilities and people, sometimes, in my memory, become complex and multi-layered upgraded memory.

I admit, though, however, that without a weary satisfaction that causes returns and luxuries that provokes the thought in the memories of your stay in a foreign country, traveling for me would be a lot less exciting and important. So, do not travel just to remember, but I'm going to travel, carrying all his mental archives, the overall supply of intellectual, artistic and sensory experience, knowing that I would enjoy at least once more so the upgraded impressions.

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This is a journey through parts of Europe, I visited a traveling officially or privately, in searching for anthropology of the continent. Story, because all this is actually a mixture of fact and his own experience and imagination, begins in Serbia, which is my eternal destination!

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For outward and return journey. The city that is by, in many ways, one of the most intriguing of the overall world. Arguments to support this claim, this city Slovene-German-Jewish orientation, there are many.

The layers of archeology, building, thinking and overall creation. There are at least as much as one can find counterarguments for different claims. However, back to the basic story: somewhere thwhen the Petrovgrad just about to become Zrenjanin, a drunk Russian soldier may, possibly Bolshevik, or just too young, from Schmeisser fire destroyed the statue of Jan Nepomuk, a Czech saint, which was located in the apse at the ponte dei salti suisse anti aging to the City Garden.

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Since then, the place is empty. As the missing piece of urban architecture.

Színházban vagy buliban, úton egy üzleti vacsorára vagy egy baráti összejövetelre. Életed abban a pillanatában vagy, amikor bármit megtehetsz. Egy autó, amiben olyan technológiai megoldások vannak, mint a Full LED fényszóró vagy a vezeték nélküli töltő. Egy autó, amit arra terveztek, hogy élvezd a vezetést, akármerre is tartasz.

Nevertheless it was decades holes in the mental geography of the city. Which is otherwise quite ecumenical committed.

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As the wars of the nineties somewhat disturbed. A city that has existed since the fourteenth century, with the first name Becskerek, about which neither the scientists nor the etymology of the residents do not know enough until today. The building, which housed the City Garden, central administrative location, Town Hall, was built in the th, in place at the site of the old fort. What is the big fire in the th burned.

Today's administrative Becskerek House was renovated th, while additions, adjustments and other embellishments finished th. Somewhere in these fifty years, should be dated and placing Nepomuk figures in the apse of which we speak.

So the Vicar always and forever prestigious of Prague, sworn Sacrament, and his conscience, he refused to his sovereign Vaclav IV announce what his queen, but the king's wife, admitted the confession. In the cruel fury of the powerful, Vaclav rebellious vicar cruelly put to death by strangling in the Vltava River.

Nepomuk is so secret confessions took to his grave. With Vaclav, Prague, Queen of the Vltava and then what would be.

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History and geography will tell about it! Nepomuk, because of his devotion to truth and religion, and probably some other things that are not canonical part of the story, would later declare saints. And across Europe, in the decades that followed, the Believers have built churches, and monuments to the glory of the martyr.

Becskerek citizens, too, in its apse, and put a wooden statue of Nepomuk. In the apse, since However no more Jan Johan, Ivan Nepomuk. Nevertheless, it must be returned.

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I, however, decided to go to Prague, and there that, from the Charles Bridge, all live, with a delay of years, to understand and experience the tragedy and heroism of Nepomuk. This time, however, emphatically opts to talk about buildings and their fateful connections with the pulsing urban areas where exist. While unfolding bundle of time, in which concrete construction exists, we will find, however, that the issue of the opening sentences of the text is actually so relative, that no matter which side he approached, we come up with an answer that says that they are permanent and encompassing just transience and style.

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I speak, therefore, this time about City Palace in Zrenjanin, listened to it, and around it, passing the time. By the way, it happens and the style! Style and its absence.

However not today about this whole building, but only on the balcony overlooking the square.

Kutatas Modszertan

Balcony Becskerek now Zrenjanin, City Palace remembers many events down in the square below. Such events certainly do not count Sunday reverie Great prefects and their families.

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The part of the memory this balcony as if currently in a state of amnesia. If, in the treasury of the time there are even bits of privacy.

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Which are certainly quite banal. Word is, this time, the more serious situations, the views that remembers the history of the town.

Originally recorded and then forgotten because some events supposedly become someone else's history.


Other people's history within a single urban beings!? What would a latter generation to talk about these truths today - only the gods know. That is, after all, with a history and gods!

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Hungarian revolt in the core Austro-Hungary. If we know that the rebellion initially had anti-feudal and social character, and the end of that movement was narrowly national, but historically inevitable, the view from the balcony was not famous, for Becskerek officers.