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Khatlon Province, Tajikistan, Vakhsh Range, Kyzylsu River, Khujand

Satan - Alternate name of RM 15A Satan - Alternate name of RM2. Flight record: 1 spaceflight, Flew to orbit on STS Status: Inactive; Active Born: Spaceflights: 1.

Total time in space: Launched - Used the AS bus. First Launch: Last Launch: Number: 5. Gross mass: kg 1, lb.

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Launched Number: 7. Gross mass: 1, kg 2, lb. Number: 2.

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Gross mass: 1, kg 4, lb. Gross mass: 2, kg 5, lb. Status: Operational Number: 1.

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Gross mass: 57 kg lb. Satelife - American agency.

Hacker group Rising Tide could be the perfect villains for that, especially now that one of them has joined the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

Satelife, USA. Satelind - Indonesian agency. Satelind, Indonesia.

Satellite Italiano Ricerca Industriale Orientata - Alternate designation for Sirio communications technology satellite. Satellite Launch Vehicle - American orbital launch vehicle. Orbital version.

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Uses half-length shuttle SRB as first stage; proven Castor as second stage; new Castor as third stage; and Orbital Adjustment Module from Lockheed's cancelled Athena launcher as a fourth stage.

Payload: 6, kg 13, lb.

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Cubesat 2U bus. Gross mass: 2.

Satmex - Mexican agency. Used the HSHP bus. Gross mass: 4, kg 9, lb. Used the SSLX bus. Gross mass: 5, kg 12, lb.

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Used the SSL bus. Satrec - The South Korean Satrec Initiative built on earlier Kitsat technology to develop kg and kg satellite buses for national and international customers. Sattarov, Nail Sharipovich - Tatar-Russian test pilot cosmonaut, Status: Deceased; Active Died: Saturn Saturn - Alternate name for Soyuz Saturn Saturn - Alternate designation for Soyuz Saturn A-1 - American orbital launch vehicle.

Projected first version of Saturn I, to be used if necessary before S-IV liquid hydrogen second stage became available. Titan 1 first stage used as second stage, Centaur third stage. Masses, payload estimated.

Status: Study Gross mass:kg 1, lb. Payload: jaguar land rover suisse anti aging, kg 14, lb. Thrust: 6, Saturn A-2 - American orbital launch vehicle.

More powerful version of Saturn I with low energy second stage consisting of cluster of four IRBM motors and tankage, Centaur third stage.