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What about the bathroom and the kitchen? Could I share it with a fellow-student?

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May I come and have a look at the flat this evening? H Is there a bus stop or an underground station nearby? I Do I have to pay for it separately or is it included in the price?

Put the letter of the attraction next to the statements on the line.

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At the main station there is a picnic sive entry price. You will find that the pro- area, a childrens play area cafe and a sou- grammes lampe speleo suisse anti aging both fun and educational: venir shop.

There is also a charming little Bottle Feeding Lambs to Hand Milking or station half way down the line where visi- Egg Collecting to Sheepdog Trials to name tors who like walking often join the train. Services: Saturdays and Sundays.

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C D Plymouth Dome is an indoor centre with Journey through years of history and a wide range of reconstructions and high- discover the wartime secrets of Pendennis tech equipment that take you on a journey Castle. Open seven days a week.

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Then come here. Then this is the place for you. There are two extra letters that you do not need. These days, the most popular tables are hid- den in crowded high-rise apartments.


So popular are some of these private dining rooms — they have limited seating and you never know when they are open — that they are booked up months in advance. Instead, those who want to dine there must send a fax to a number that one can only get through good connections. Several days later, Yu calls back.

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The current waiting time: seven months. The trend is a response to the s, when Hong Kongers ate at elegant restaurants. These days, few want to be seen spending money on expensive meals, when there are economic prob- lems and unemployment is on the increase.

These pathogen species live in water or soil, leading an optional, saprotrophic lifestyle and parasite the roots and above-soil parts of plants. The following species should be mentioned among the the pathogens of forest trees belonging to this genus: Phytophthora alni, P. Tree species damaged by Phytophthora are among others: gummy alder Alnus glutinosa [L. The symptoms of infection may be seen on the bark, the main roots, and the roots or in the canopy. The leaves are small with a yellowish discolouration, the canopy becomes rare.

Exclusivity is the main attraction for restaurant-goers in this city. Because of the high rate of unemploy- ment, they can hire well-trained people who worked at top hotels.


But will the trend last? I about which only a few others know. This would seem normal in a city famous for its nightlife, except for the way one crowd of women in their 30s are dressed.

That nostalgia for school days has taken London by storm.

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Every weekend about 7, partygoers pay £12 each to get into clubs that require them to dress in uniform. High-school come-togethers have always been popular in the United States; however, the idea is relatively new in Britain. Nobody needed them in the past, when English graduates typ- ically stayed within a few miles from home; the hunt for an old friend was often as easy as walking lampe speleo suisse anti aging to the local pub.

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Now they work more apart than years ago, and live more iso- lated lives. Any means to reconstruct those networks will be popular.


Particularly for Londoners, many of whom have moved to the city from elsewhere, coming together at the old school brings a feeling of being together. School is often the first time people experience this feeling. Things like school uniforms were the first to show that one belonged to a place creating security. School gives them something to hold on to.

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However, a large part of the attraction of these club nights remains simple fun. Many par- tygoers mention role-playing when explaining why they like to dress up like teenagers.

Others admit to even simpler motives. What are these? Choose the most appropriate answer from the options A—D for each gap 1—9 in the text. Write the letters of the appropriate answers in the boxes under the options. In America people decorate their houses with cobwebs, skeletons and witches.